How To Join

  1. joinDrop by our “dojo” and check out our unique, well equipped martial arts facility.
  2. Try a free introductory class and see how you like karate, please “wear training pants and a T shirt”, this will give you an impression of the clubs atmosphere and introduce you to martial arts training.
  3. Register in one of our programs and pay your fees on a monthly basis or up to 6 months at a time.


faqFrequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the minimum age requirment?
A – Basic rule, Grade 1 school student or older.
Q – How many free class can I take?
A – You can take only one free class.
Q – Is there a drop-in fee?
A – Sorry, we do not take drop in.
Q – Can I join your club in the middle of the month?
A – Yes, you can register and join at anytime.
Q – I have a son who is 5 years old. He is good, strong, big, athletic etc… Could he please join your club?
A – Our minimum age guideline is grade 1 or older but it really depends on each child’s willingness, how serious the child is about taking karate lessons and whether the parents are ready to leave the child alone in the dojo. Please bring your child to the dojo and meet with an instructor at least 20 minutes before class. If the instructor agrees the child is ready, they can try out the class.
Q – Since I can only attend two put of the four classes per week, Can I take a special discount fee?
A – If you choose to attend only one set per week, you will be eligible for a special discount fee. But if you attend more than one class per week, you must pay according to the standard rate.
Q – Is there special rate for two or more children?
A – Yes, speak with the instructor for more details.

If you are trying out a class, please make sure to come to dojo at least 10 minutes class start. We do not accept any latecomers to class.